Our Vision

Since 2001, our vision is to be the best, rather than the biggest, provider of live-in care services for people with a spinal cord injury. This clear vision helps us to – Make a Difference.

Origin is Unique

Origin is owned by Peter Henry, who has a spinal injury and Linda Adamsen, who has worked as a carer for people with a spinal injury – this direct personal knowledge influences everything we do.

Our Clients

Our clients are all adults, whose injury is generally a result of a serious accident. Our clients are wheelchair users but they are like you. They work, they study, they love sport, they have hobbies and interests. Take Lydia, who injured her spine in an accident when she was 20.

Her wheelchair is not a limitation; she still enjoys travelling and says, ‘I like my PAs to have a similar sense of adventure and fun to mine and to be able to fit into my lifestyle, family and group of friends.’

Shaun, is a rugby player and music fan. He’s recently back from an Indie festival in Spain with friends.

‘We go to see as many bands as we can – this time it was Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kasabian and Spanish bands…believe me they had to be seen to be believed’!



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